Brooklyn Jumbies - Stiltwalkers
The stilt dancer is a traditional folk character that was originally brought from West Africa. A traditional symbol of carnivals, Moko Jumbie is an elevated spirit on stilts that can be between 10 and 15 feet tall.

Moko is derived from the name of an African deity and Jumbie means ghost or spirit. Special costumes and masks add to their mystery. Some see the Moko Jumbie as a seer and protector - their height would allow them to see evil before it arrived and the occupants of the village would be warned. 
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Ha Ha B Klown

Who‘s that clown bouncing this way?
It’s Ha! Ha!, It’s Ha! Ha!, the children all say Jambo Sana! A very happy, very special hello to you. I am, Ha! Ha! B Klown The African clown around. Most people call me Ha! Ha! but sometimes people call me the Reggae clown or Kwanzaa clown or Sistah clown, Miss clown, Calypso clown, even sometimes just plain old clown. I like it all.

I also love to play, sing and dance to all the music of the world. One day I would love to slide down the rainbow straight to your house so that I can dance with you. Then we could slide on the rainbow together and you could come visit me at my home Watoto Island. On my island we love to speak Swahili. In fact Watoto means children in Swahili. There’s loads of love, happiness, music, stories and dancing on my island. Everyone who visits has a funtastic time. When we’re hungry we can have some of my favorite snacks- mangoes, watermelons and pineapples. Yummy,Yummy, good fruits always tickle my tummy. Well that’s enough about silly me. What about you? How do you spend your days on this beautiful earth?

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Linda Humes, StorytellerLinda Humes, Storyteller

Linda Hazel Humes is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in the Africana Studies Department at John Jay College in New York City. Ms. Humes is the founder of Yaffa Cultural Arts Inc. The Honorable Robert Jackson presented Yaffa with a 2007 Citation for Excellence in Arts and Education, from the New York City Council. Yaffa CAI celebrated 16 years of service in 2009.
Ms. Humes is a storyteller and folklorist who performs and conducts workshops nationally
and internationally. She started her storytelling career in 1989, through the mentorship of Dr.
Emeritus Mary Umolo Sanders at Medgar Evers College. Ms. Humes is a board member of
The Storytelling Center of New York. Her CD, Kwanzaa- A Time to Celebrate received the 1999
Silver Parents Choice Award. Her latest CD, On the Shoulders of Our Ancestors is meeting rave
reviews. Ms. Humes has a theatrical background which includes being the Entertainment Reporter on PM Magazine. She has been in a variety of commercials and films. Most recently she played
a reporter on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.